How to Repost Instagram (Legally)

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Repost - How to Repost on Instagram

People love to REPOSTĀ® their favorite content. And there is no question about the power of a social media repost. What most people don’t know is that if they are using an Android Mobile APP or iPhone Repost App to REPOST Instagram content they are doing so illegally. All of those apps on the Applle App Store and Google Play App Store are illegally calling themselves “Repost for Instagram” without permission to use the REPOST name.

REPOST is a legally registered trademark with the United States Patent & Trademark Office. I’m currently in the process of legally defending the intellectual property rights of the REPOST mark. I’m emailing the owners, submitting the proper notices, including but not limited to Trademark Infringement Notices is the only official site for Reposting content on the internet. There you can legally repost Instagram photos, videos, and stories on the OFFICIAL anonymous social network.

Blogging is an instrumental part of any digital marketing strategy. With the power of you can easily Repost Instagram photos & stories and do so with the one and only, original

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