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Hello and welcome, my name is Ben and I’ve been a leading SEO affiliate going back 20 years now. I invite you to sign up for a FREE PRO Blog account and start to watch your organic search traffic soar. 

On you’ll leverage the new WordPress blocks architecture CMS to create & share branded content to our community & web syndication channels. Automate social media marketing across multiple social leading media channels. Now its time for omnichannel marketing and reach your audience while maximizing conversions cross-platform.

A deliberate data marketing strategy is mission critical in today’s hyper-paced marketplace undergoing a major transformation to digital. 

How SEO Works When Its Done The Right Way

Search Engine Optimization is not the big mystery everyone thinks it is.

SEO is actually pretty simple. formulate a Big Data Analytics Marketing Strategy for your 2020 SEO road-Map...

So WHY do some SEO pages rank off the charts while other search marketing guides seemingly comparable on face value don’t get the same love from the search engines?

A brilliant SEO for digital marketing plan is several hundreds of layers deep at least, if not thousands of layers. Ultimately you’ve got to build the BEST resource there is on your website’s topic or niche. 

In other words, you’ll have to earn it if you want to see your pages raking high up in the highly sought after SERP. can help develop an effective search engine optimization strategy that will set you apart from competitors.

I combined 20+ years experience optimizing websites for search engines like Google & Bing with my recently gained understanding of studies on hybrid cloud technologies, DevOps methods, SaaS marketing and AI (Artificial Intelligence) ML algorithms to create a B2B online marketing community and digital asset marketplace.

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PRO Blog is next-gen social media network delivered in a block. A WordPress block that is.

On PROblog you can create content for a brand that your customers instantly identify with. Stay loyal to your original idea.

This is at the heart of any successful business or social media influencer.

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Why Search Engine Optimization?

I was lucky to get started working full time on search engine optimization in 2001.
Over the years I’ve literally developed thousands of websites and technology projects.
I was born with a gifted mind for math, logic and pattern patter recognition.
That has been a major asset in my life-time career working as an SEO.
Having the ability to quickly spot patterns in changes to the latest  search algorithm
has historically given me a measurable head start over the SEO competition.

Now its 20 years later and we’re living in the future year of 2020!
I’m still looking at SERP daily even though they don’t have the Google dance anymore.
Regardless of that, monitoring the SERPs on a daily basis with your EYES and not SEO software or tools
 well have major payouts when the next major algorithm change comes.
When someone commits that much time to a topic they become an expert
 with an understanding of vast array of minute details all the way to the
basic fundamentals of on page search engine optimization. .


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